The Work on ‘I need to be tiny’

I need to be tiny.

Is that true?

I don’t know.

Can I absolutely know that it’s true?


How do I react when I believe the thought that ‘I need to be tiny’?

I feel absolutely hideous and wrong when I look at my body. I feel extremely stressed out, and unattractive. I feel ungainly, cumbersome and unfeminine, and I feel really terrible about myself. I restrict what I eat quite severely. I hate myself for my clothing size. I criticise my portion sizes, and I stress out about what I’m eating a lot of the time. I beat myself up for eating junk food. I think longingly of when I used to be tiny, not remembering that I wasn’t happier back then. I ascribe a lot of happiness to being tiny.

Who am I without the thought ‘I need to be tiny’?

I eat what I eat and I do what I do, according to intuition and instinct. I eat as much as I want of  whatever I want to eat. I wear clothes that fit. I feel empty, light and free.

Is there a peaceful reason to believe the thought ‘I need to be tiny’?


Turn it around.

I don’t need to be tiny

Reasons it could be better to not be tiny:

1. I get to have a classically feminine shape.
2. It’s easy to get clothes that fit.
3. I can’t be carried off!
4. I won’t look weak.

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