The Work on ‘I need to be healthy’

I need to be healthy.

Is that true?


How do I react when I believe the thought ‘I need to be healthy’?

I stress out about finding therapists and health practitioners to ‘fix’ me. I act weak. I stress about whether I will get a cold. I feel angry at God for putting me in a defective body. I spend a lot of time, money and effort on getting healthy. I get extremely stressed when I get symptoms, especially if they’re new. I make a lot of unrealistic health goals and plans. I tell others about my poor health, and I get defensive and complain a lot in those interactions. I judge other people on their habits, displacing my own judgment of myself onto other people.

Who am I without the thought ‘I need to be healthy’?

I am empty, free and at peace. I do what I do and I eat what I eat. I do whatever feels right when sick, but maintain my sense of peace. All seems right with the world. I accept whatever happens.

Is there a peaceful reason to believe the thought ‘I need to be healthy?’


Turn it around

– I don’t need to be healthy

Reasons it could be better to not be healthy:

1. Bed rest — I would get to read and do nothing very much, and have plenty of time to do The Work!
2. I wouldn’t have to work.
3. I could get attention and be fussed over.

– My thinking needs to be healthy

This is where peace and happiness comes from, not from the body.

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